Advantages Of Backpack Brush Cutter For Garden


Backpack Brush Cutter For Garden machine is mainly for orchard, tea garden, garden, greenhouse, seedling base, and farmland crops, etc.

Compared with the traditional lawn mower, it eliminates the need for repeated mowing, especially when the summer grass grows vigorously, the one-time weeding is no longer repeated, saving manpower, material resources and financial resources.

Compared with the rotary tiller, this machine is simpler, more flexible, lighter and more practical. The area where the tiller can’t enter is easy to enter with the power of the dream, and the weed is cleaner and more fuel efficient. The household and women labor force can be easily used; the work efficiency is about 4-5 times that of artificial.

Knapsack automatic mower 1

Backpack Brush Cutter Engine Specification

Displacement   33.5cc   Max output(kW)  0.88 km
Engine Type  4 STROKE   Fuel tank Capacity  0.65L
Carburettor Brand&Type  Diaphragm  Clutch System  Automatic Centrifugal
Brand&Model  EH035   Start System  Recoil Starter

Knapsack automatic mower 2

Backpack Brush Cutter Shaft ASS’Y Specification

Main shaft Spec   8mmX1370mmX9T
Pipe Spec  26X2.0X1317mm
Engine  ASS’Y Packaging Size  330*330*450mm
Shaft ASS’Y Packaging Size  1540*90*100mm

Knapsack automatic mower 4

The depth of the machine raking wheel is 5CM, which can completely remove the grassroots and also play the role of the shallow ripper. In addition, after entering the summer, the root layer of the fruitwood soil is developed, and this depth just hurts the crop roots.


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