A Study on Rice and Wheat Corn Thresher


To the season of domestic harvesting of rice and wheat. In which rice and wheat threshing is also an important task. In order to provide users with better thresher equipment. Rice and wheat corn thresher supplier Aike technicians for this year’s wheat carry out In-depth research. By studying the growth of wheat this year and the situation of wheat. Our technicians have improved our existing thresher equipment to produce rice and wheat corn thresher that is more suitable for users. Efficient electric or diesel engine rice and wheat corn thresher.

The new rice and wheat corn thresher we research and develop is not only suitable for the threshing of domestic rice-wheat but also can use well in foreign countries. It is the preferred equipment for users to thresh crops. The main working part of the threshing machine is a rotor mounted on the machine. The rotor is threshed by the rotation of the rotor and the drum is hit. It is a widely used economical threshing device, which has a small volume, lightweight, and is easy to install, operate and maintain. Many advantages such as high production efficiency.

Operating method of the Thresher

The stripping and threshing of the rice and wheat corn thresher equipment were completed twice. After finish, the peeling, the four shafts of the stripped part of the rotor are replaced, and the threshing rotor can use for threshing, without replacing the motor, saving labor, saving effort, convenience, safety and reliability, low power, low energy consumption, high working efficiency. Also, a good helper for agricultural machinery operators to obtain economic income! I believe that the farmers will have a good harvest this year with the help of this equipment.


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