A Romanian customer inquiry our thresher payment price


How much does the price of your manufacturer’s thresher equipment pay when I payment? This is a customer from Romania, after seeing our thresher equipment on our official website. Then ask our customer service staff about the price of our company equipment. Then, our customer service and customers conducted detailed exchanges to introduce customers to our products and the price of the equipment.
We are a professional thresher manufacturer. Our thresher equipment includes corn threshing/maize sheller machine. Corn-soybean broomcorn grain thresher/sheller. Peanut/groundnut thresher with dust removal sheller. Rice and wheat threshing machine and other crop threshing equipment. Our thresher equipment is not just threshing. In order to save the user’s threshing cost, we have researched and developed the threshing machine equipment. And our equipment can also peel the crop at the same time.

Corn threshing/maize sheller machine

For example, the corn threshing/maize sheller machine. When the user uses the equipment, puts the corn into the feeding port of the device. And the corn enters the feeding device for shelling. After complete the shelling, the rotating knife inside will thresh the corn. The threshed corn and corn cobs remove from the two different discharge ports of the equipment. And complete the shelling and threshing work. The machine operation is simple, and the threshing rate is high.

The equipment is now widely used in small farms, small feed production companies, animal husbandry, farm factories, etc. Moreover, we are a manufacturer of thresher equipment. All equipment sale to customers at the ex-factory price. Equipment performance is good, and the price is low.
After a detailed understanding of the performance and price of our thresher equipment. Mr. Bancu Dănuț is very satisfied with our equipment and plans to visit our factory and sign a purchase contract. We are very much looking forward to the arrival of Mr. Bancu Dănuț and cooperation.


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