A customer from Bulgaria inquiry The Price Of Tractor Single-Row Corn Harvester


A farmer from Bulgaria recently came to inquire the price of our China walking tractor single-row corn harvester. The customer has his own farm in Bulgaria, corn is their important cash crop, and the planting area is large, and harvester equipment needs to complete the corn harvesting task during the harvest season.  This customer consulted the equipment is new harvester equipment developed and produced by Hexie. It has a novel design, beautiful appearance, and compact structure. It can complete a row of corn picking and straw crushing at one time.

Compared with the prior art, the single-row corn harvester of the tractor has a variable-direction gearbox. And the front end set as a large wheel, which makes the harvester more flexible when switching directions, greatly reduces the working radius of the harvesting and improves the harvesting efficiency. The device also has the characteristics of reasonable design, simple structure, and convenient use, and thus has good popularization and use value.

In addition to the single row corn harvester, our company also provides 2 rows of corn harvesters. The 2 rows of corn harvesters are mainly composed of picking mechanism, ear box, lawn mower, and hoist, saving labor cost and high production efficiency.

Specifications of 2 rows of corn harvesters

Oil consumption: ≤30Kg/ hm2
Ground clearance: 350mm
Back-to-field machine type: Flail knife(44 pieces)
Width of the back-to-field machine: 1800mm
Grain tank: 2.5CBM
Working productivity: 0.27-0.6ha/hour
The price of our corn harvester equipment is not very expensive, welcome to buy it.

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