5T Hydraulic Dump Trailer From Hexie


Introduction for 5T Hydraulic Dump Trailer From Hexie

According to the market requirements, the trailers produced by our company have two types and five series of self-unloading and non-self-unloading. The main technical parameters of the trailer are in accordance with the relevant provisions of GB/T4330-2003 “Agricultural Trailer Standard. The trailers consist of a car assembly, a car floor, a frame, a telescopic hydraulic cylinder (optional), an axle, an air brake, a tire and a rim, and a traction frame.

This series of agricultural trailers are suitable for transporting heavy-duty goods, and transportation far and near. The vehicle is fully equipped, stable in driving, beautiful in appearance and durable in use. The trial operation environment is extensive and the installation efficiency is high. Cylinder gas line connection form: spiral gas pipe connection. Tubing connection form: The wire is connected to the mainframe and the trailer is a joint. Circuit connection form? Spiral seven-core quick connector connection. Surface treatment: large shot blasting machine processing. Change the welding stress to remove scale derusting.

5T Hydraulic Dump Trailer

5T Hydraulic Dump Trailer Structure and description

1. The carriage always becomes the welding composition of the all-steel frame. The rear box panel can open and remove, and the left and right can also select (optional). The compartment baffles are all 45 steel plates to ensure the bending strength of the box panels.

2. The floor of the carriage is made of 6.3 hot-rolled ordinary channel steel and 50*50*5 and other corner irons. The upper layer is 2.5mm thick and the floor of the carriage is not easily deformed.

3. The car’s self-unloading mode and shock absorption mode can select according to your requirements. The traction frame is equipped according to the actual situation of the main trailer you purchased.

5T Hydraulic Dump Trailer Blue

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