3 Point hitch Garlic Planting Machine


3 Point hitch Garlic Planting Machine

The pH of the no-till soil is 6 to 6.5 is the best result because the triazine herbicide requires the best performance pH in this range. This pH range is also recommended to maximize nutrient availability in garlic crops. If continuous no-tillage is carried out for several years, soil samples should be collected 4 inches from the top of the soil each year.
Phosphate and potassium fertilizers are applied to soil test results each year. Due to the slower temperature of the soil under the crop residue, it is recommended to apply nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers on the 3 Point hitch Garlic Planting Machine to allow the garlic to start more quickly. We are the professional China Garlic Planter Manufactures, sell x, welcome to consult Tractor Mounted Garlic sowing Machine price.

Nitrogen fertilizer is applied according to the yield potential of the soil, from 1 pound to 1.15 pounds of nitrogen per acre, and garlic yield per bushel. In sandy loam, sandy loam, or poor soil drainage, it is best to use nitrogen and nitrogen splitting between 6 and 18 inches for 6 to 18 inches when sowing and nitrogen application. The application of large amounts of urea nitrogen to crop residues can cause a loss of volatilization. The efficiency of liquid nitrogen can be improved by transporting the ball between the sides dress nitrogen when the line is 6 inches to 18 inches high. Liquid nitrogen is not played on 2-inch tall garlic due to the risk of severe foliar burns. Ammonium nitrate or urea can be broadcast to garlic from 6 inches to 18 inches high, but the garlic leaves should be dry to reduce leaf damage.
Sowing period
The soil temperature at a depth of 2 inches can reach 20 degrees without the no-tillage of traditional tillage. Garlic sprouting occurs in the morning when the soil temperature reaches about 40 degrees and the depth of planting. Therefore, garlic no-till should generally be placed about a week later than traditionally cultivated garlic.
The choice of quantity and type and the coverage of the wreck cover China Garlic Seeder Equipment depends on soil type and soil moisture. The grower should cut off the straw cover and provide the seed in the soil at an appropriate depth to achieve a uniform placement of the seeds in contact with the soil. Automatic tractor mounted garlic sowing machine must firmly soil the soil around the seeds to ensure good germination rate and quick emergence. Seeder seeds with a double disc opener are recommended for no-till seeding. Narrow, single, or double pressure rollers can be used to solidify the seeds around the soil. The adjustment of the plantation owner should be in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The main function of the no-till planter developed by taakthreshermachine is to replace the original steps of artificial sowing, fertilizing and arable land;
No-till seeder features:
1. The row spacing and plant spacing of no-till seed drills can be adjusted according to the needs of customers, so that not only can the ideal effect of no seedlings and shavings be achieved, but also better adapt to different terrains and different regions;
2. China Garlic Seeder Equipment is generally semi-manual and semi-mechanical, so it can be used in conjunction with other agricultural machinery to achieve integration of earthmoving, arable land and sowing;
3. The requirement of seeds for no-till seeding machines is higher than that of artificial, the size of seeds should be uniform, and the germination rate should be guaranteed;
No-till planter application range:
The no-till planter has a wide range of applications and is widely used in garlic, soybean, garlic, and other economic crops suitable for large-scale planting;
Classification of no-till seeders:
The no-till seeding machine mainly includes garlic planter, soybean planter, garlic planter, potato planter, etc.;
The purpose of the no-till planter:
3 Point hitch Garlic Planting Machine is mainly used to solve the problem of rural labor shortage and labor cost, expand agricultural planting area and mechanization level; no-till seeder? Aike brand Automatic tractor mounted garlic sowing machine is a set of cockroaches The multi-purpose planter with rotary tillage, deep pine, full-layer fertilization, sowing, and suppression is effective in solving the problem of straw burning, so that the wheat straw is returned to the garlic field as organic fertilizer, which not only solves the problem of not burning straw. The problem solves the problem of soil compaction caused by not applying organic fertilizer. The good cockroach effect solves the problem of entanglement during the sowing process, making the sowing process smoother and faster, and the effect is better!
Garlic is a kind of crop that needs high-fertilizer water to meet its growth. The traditional sowing method can only be applied in a single layer so that the growth of garlic is too strong in the seedling stage, the seedlings cannot be very good, the resistance is worse in the later stage, and it is easy. De-fertilization affects production. The garlic-killed rotary cultivating deep-soil full-layer fertilization precision machine produced by our company effectively solves this problem, and the traditional single-layer fertilization is changed into seven-layer fertilization. In the deep loose soil, the fertilizer is divided into seven layers and applied to the soil. Among them, the fertilization structure is tower type, with a more and less, and less seedling period, avoiding the waste of fertilizer. At the same time, the soil after deep pine is more conducive to the extension of garlic roots, and the roots can be well distributed in the middle stage of garlic growth. In the tillage layer, deep pine layered fertilization not only avoids the lodging of garlic in the late stage but also makes garlic meet its own fertilizer demand in various periods, thus increasing the garlic yield! We are the professional China Garlic Planter Manufactures, sell x, welcome to consult Tractor Mounted Garlic sowing Machine price.

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