2BXF-4/6 Vegetable Seed Planting Machine for Tractor Mounted | Small particle seed drill


Vegetable seed grain planting machine is suitable for sowing millet, vegetables. And sorghum in straw returning machine. It can complete the processes of flat land, ditching, sowing, fertilizing, repressing, covering soil and mullion in one operation. The no-till opener is produced by the advanced technology of manganese steel quenching. It has high hardness, high strength, good sailing performance. And has a scraping device, which can work well in clay.
The erecting device can adjust up and down, left and right, and can build or filled with a ditch. It is not necessary to stop the car when adjusting it, and it is within reach. It is a small particle seed drill.

Proper Use of Vegetable Seed Grain Planting Machine

Lower grain adjustment: The next seed inserts the insert into the top of the two pieces. The next two seed inserts were inserted into one of the tops. And the next three seeds were pulled out of the insert. Note: When inserting the board, it must adjust in the case of seedbox without seed. The planting depth can adjust up and down according to the soil moisture of the plot.
Lower fertilizer adjustment: Pull out the adjustment block on the shaft and adjust to the required amount of fertilizer.
Bean adjustment: move the clinker pressure pad under the scraping rubber to the seed axis. Remove the three screws and tighten them into the rear three holes. There should a gap between the rubber and the shaft.

Shaft replacement method: Small particle seed drill no need to use any tools, just turn the shaft cap in the direction you want to open the shaft cap. When the upper shaft cap is in the right direction, twist it in the direction of the back and close, and screw it.

Seeding Process of Vegetable Seed Planting Machine

1. Before planting, check whether there are any impurities such as grain, firewood, etc. in the seeds. The coated seeds should smash with the seed coating bonding block to prevent the seeding holes of the planter from affecting the seeding quality.

2. Bleaching seeds. For uncoated seeds, choose sunny morning or noon, pour the plant seeds go into the washbasin or bucket. Add 5 times more cold water, stir for 1 minute, and quickly remove the seeds that are floating on the top and Impurities. After continuous diafiltration for 2-3 times, quickly filter out the remaining water. Spread it in newspapers or better water-permeable equipment, put it in a sunny place and dry it quickly. Then continually expose it for 2-3 days and then pack it for later use.
The practice has proved that the seeds after leaching are well germinated. The emergence is uniform, uniform, the seedlings are thick, the leaves are dark green. And the roots are developed. Effectively increase production by 10-15%.

3. Vegetable seed planting machine for tractor mounted performance indicators and methods of use: This machine is designed for sowing millet or seeds smaller than millet seeds.
a. line spacing 30cm (9 inches) acres of 185 grams (0.37 kg) 2BXF-4/6 acres of seedlings 55,400 plants. An average of 4cm (1.3 inches) emergence of one plant. 1 acre of seedlings 74,000 plants, an average of 3cm (0.9 inches) a seedling.
b. Line spacing 40cm (1.2 ft) mu under the seed 138.9 grams (0.28 kg) 2BXF-4/6 mu seedlings 41,600 plants. An average of 4cm (1.3 inches) emergence of one plant. 1 acre of seedlings 50,000 plants, an average of 3.3 A strain of cm (1 inch) emerged.

The above two kinds of seeding changes are the line spacing factors, for reference only.

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