2020 hot sales type fogger machine


Foggy machine introduce

The foggy machine is separated from the oil tank, which greatly reduces the weight of the machine and improves the safety factor of the machine.

Titanium alloy material, anti-oxidation, beautiful, long service life

Portable switch humanized design, improve the ease of operation

Large capacity, long-range, can be quickly covered

Product name: Enhanced water mist dual-use mist dispenser

Working environment: temperature -10-35, air humidity 30-80%

Spray volume: more than 80 liters per hour, fuel consumption 2.5-3.0 (double gear adjustable power)
Medicine tank capacity: 18L Fuel tank capacity: 2L
Empty weight: 13kg Ignition power: electric or manual
Dimensions: 1230 * 260 * 310cm
Fuel: 92 or more gasoline

Product advantages: double carburetor + double gears-greater power, better atomization effect, power can be adjusted
Flashlight dual-start easy to use; powerful
Machine-made of 304 stainless steel
18-liter large capacity medicine pot, thick and durable
Machine design life up to 10 years
Can be rotated up to 360 degrees without turning off

Spray mist can reach about 50 meters

Product name Agriculture home use  Hand electric garden Sprayer Agriculture Machine
Product model  120K
Machine size(mm)  1050*260*260MM
Net weight(kg)  11.5
Flow rate  1.5L/min
Capacity/h  16L
Frame material  titanium stainless steel
Start mode  electric manual
Color  silver
Range  10m
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