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Introduction Feed pellet machine

Feed Pellet Machine is the ideal equipment for animal husbandry and aquaculture. It is the key to a good feed. For feed maturation, increase nutrition, increase absorption rate, kill bacteria, storage, and transportation, reduce costs, save resources, adapt to animal chewing function, improve animal husbandry Benefits are important.

Aike Multi-Function Feed Pellet Machine draws on the advanced technology of domestic and foreign pellet forming machinery, selects a single machine combination with superior performance (combined with a pulverizer, a cyclone separator, a conveyor, a mixer, a pellet feeder, etc.) and automatically feeds Fast feeding and smooth discharging. Good palatability. During the pressing process, the granulated feed gelatinizes the starch in the mixed powder, so that the pressed granulated feed has a certain flavor, increases the palatability of the granulated feed, and can stimulate the appetite of poultry. It is determined that feeding pelleted rabbits can increase feed intake by 10% -15%. With a certain hardness, pellet feed is not as soft as wet mix powder, and its hardness is greatly increased, which is very suitable for poultry love to bite hard objects and molars. It can effectively prevent the nutritional imbalance of poultry caused by picky eating.
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The correct use of feed pellet machine

1. The material needs to be crushed below 6mm
Material pulverization is a necessary operation before the feed pellet mechanism. Only materials that have been pulverized with a feed pulverizer can be pressed with a granulator. Everyone knows this. But everyone is confused about what it looks like. In general, the crushing size of the material is related to the diameter of the pellets being pressed. How big a diameter you want to suppress, then often the crushing size is also this number. For example, if your material is pressed 5mm, then the material needs to be crushed below 5mm.

But often in the use process, it is not so strict. Feed pellet machine manufacturers recommend that everyone crush the material below 6mm, which is suitable for all feed pressing.

2. The moisture needs to be maintained at about 13%
Many people didn’t know this before using the cattle and sheep straw feed pellet machine. Many people think that as long as the material is pulverized, it can be pressed by a granulator. This is not the case. The pellet feed machine is dry in and dries out, which means that the pellet machine has strict requirements for moisture.
Feed pellet machine manufacturers recommend that everyone keep the material moisture at about 13%. This moisture is very low, so it is often required to dry the material if it is wet before pressing.

3. Needs uniform feeding

Many people haven’t noticed this. Whether the feed pellet machine is fed at a constant speed is related to whether the pellet machine works normally and whether the pellets are pressed normally. If the feeding is fast, it is easy to get stuffy. If the feeding is slow, it is easy to cause the granulator to run empty. Therefore, keeping the material feeding at a constant speed can ensure the normal operation of the machine and improve the working efficiency of the pellet machine.
If manual feeding is troublesome, you can use a spiral feeder instead of manual feeding.

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