2019 New Type Rice Mill Machine


As the population grows, rice is one of the basic foods, and its production and processing are also highly valued. The rice mill is also necessary equipment for rice processing and has also been taken seriously. China’s rice milling machinery is constantly improving its innovation, and some of it has been in line with international standards. There is still a gap between the overall technical level and foreign advanced technology. Aike Machinery’s technicians introduced advanced foreign technology and finally developed a new rice milling machine–2019 New Type Rice Mill Machine.

Main components for the rice mill machine

1. Rice mill room
The rice milling room is the core of the rice milling machine. There are hollow shafts, sanding rolls, iron rolls, rice screens, etc. in the rice milling room. The assembly drawings of the hollow shaft, the screw head, and the spindle sleeve are shown in Fig. The sand roller with the vent hole is sleeved on the outer side of the hollow shaft, the rice sieve is sleeved on the outer side of the sand roller, and the rice sieve bead is fixed on the rice sieve. The spiral head is fixed at the feeding end of the hollow shaft, the main shaft pressing sleeve is fixed on the outer side of the spiral head, and the spiral head is provided with an air inlet hole, the main shaft pressing sleeve is provided with an air inlet hole 2, and the hollow shaft is provided with an air inlet at both ends thereof. And the air inlet 2, so that a sandwiched air inlet passage is formed outside the hollow shaft of the rice milling chamber.

2. Schematic diagram of the sand roller and iron roller
The sanding roller and the iron roller are the main working parts of the rice milling chamber. The schematic diagram of the sand roller structure is shown in the figure. The inner wall of the sand roller is provided with a fixing sleeve 24, and the sand roller and the hollow shaft are connected by a fixing sleeve, and the fixing sleeve is provided with a ventilation hole.

3. Feeding device
It consists of a feed hopper, a feed door, a ramp, and a lever mechanism. A feeding hopper is arranged at the position of the feeding port of the frame, and the feeding hopper is provided with a slanting feeding door. One end of the feeding door is fixed on the ejector pin and can swing up and down through the spring on the ejector pin. One end of the jack is connected with the feeding door, and the other end is connected with the lever mechanism; the other end of the lever mechanism is connected with the pull rod; the other end of the pull rod is equipped with a handwheel, the pull rod is provided with a positioning groove, and the outer part of the pull rod is provided with a positioning cover. The positioning cover also has a bayonet. Control the size of the feed door opening by turning the handwheel.

4. Clean the cold rice device
The rice-milling machine is equipped with a clean rice device. The structure is as shown in the figure. The rice-cleaning device can further reduce the temperature of the rice and promote the drainage. The cleaned rice plant consists of a manifold, a pressure gate, and a handle. One end of the manifold is connected to the stacking bucket, and the other end is equipped with a split pressure door, and the pressure gate is controlled by the bell handle.


The main points of purchasing rice mill

First, look at the position of the rice milling machine in an obvious position. Whether there is a fixed product label, a random product certificate, instructions for use and accessories list, whether there is a safety protection device.

Second, look at the quality of the assembly and manufacturing of the whole machine:
1. Should firm and reliable the fastening part, and should not loose;
2. Whether the lubricant is filled in each bearing;
3. The adjustment parts are flexible and reliable, and there must be no jamming.

Third, look at the appearance quality of the rice milling machine;
1. The paint on the decorative surface should have a primer. The topcoat should smooth, with bright color, no exposed bottom, painted face, flowing marks, blistering and wrinkling. Non-decorative paints should be uniform in color, without exposure, blistering or wrinkling;
2. The appearance of the whole machine is not broken or bruised;
3. The main part of the exposed plate should be flat, free of cracks, wrinkles, no burrs at the corners, castings must not have casting defects affecting the appearance. The welds of the welded parts are neat, and there is no leakage welding phenomenon;
4. The exposed processing surface should have anti-rust measures, coated with anti-rust paint or anti-rust oil;
5.Should clean and tidy the whole machine inside and outside.

Fourth, when the rice milling machine is running, whether the rotating parts are flexible, whether the operation is smooth, and there is no abnormal noise.

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