2 rows Tractor Mounted Corn Harvester with efficiency 0.27-0.33ha/h


Hot sale walk-behind tractor mounted mini corn combine harvester machine, using small picking roller type picking device, small loss of ear and grain, equipped with 48kW high horsepower engine, strong power, can finish picking the corn in the field, Transportation, peeling, packing and straw roughing and returning work; this model is small in size, small in turning radius, good in passability, flexible in operation, easy to pass, flexible and convenient to operate, which is to reduce the labor and improve the work. The ideal model for efficacy. Hexie machinery is the professional tractor mounted corn harvester manufacturer, welcome to consult tractor mounted corn harvester latest price.

Design requirements of corn harvester

1. The designed corn harvester should be flexible in the process of operation, transportation, and unloading, suitable for small plots in the field;
2. In view of the current low cultural quality of farmers, the corn harvester developed should be as simple as possible and easy to maintain;
3. The designed corn harvester should be able to harvest without the right, otherwise, it will affect the harvest quality and reduce the production efficiency, affecting the enthusiasm of farmers to purchase corn harvesters;
4. The designed corn harvester must be able to harvest high-humidity corn (the grain moisture content is about 40%), and the ear and grain breakage rate must not exceed the national standard;
5. In order to prevent mildew, the harvested corn ears must not have too many stems and leaves;
6. The unit should have better strength and rigidity, can adapt to the harsh field roads;
7. The harvesting machine can simultaneously perform high-quality returning treatment on the straw;
8. The corn harvester unit installed in the 2nd-row tractor has higher reliability;
9. New model farm harvester small corn harvester for sale;
10. 2 rows Tractor Mounted Corn Harvester with efficiency 0.27-0.33ha/h
11. Tractor mounted corn harvester latest price is cheap.
To further optimize product performance, Hexie Machinery has launched an innovative version of the hot sale walk-behind tractor mounted mini corn combine harvester Machine, which increases driver comfort and handling. The whole vehicle adopts a new type of cover, which is beautiful and easy to open. It is more conducive to mechanical maintenance. It is equipped with a luxurious arc cab, which has a wide view and makes driving safer and more comfortable. The header adopts the picking roller + the chain structure, which can realize the misalignment of various corns. The straw treatment adopts the operation method of the front double hob chopping + the back straw returning machine, and the straw crushing efficiency is higher. The peeling machine adopts three sets of twelve rolls, which is reliable in operation and high in peeling efficiency. The peeling roller adopts the structure of rubber roller + rubber roller, has less grain damage, good peeling effect and low failure rate.

Work efficiency of 2 rows Tractor Mounted Corn Harvester

2 rows tractor mounted corn harvester uses 80 horsepower domestic famous engine, strong power, power reserve. The new low-temperature water tank is equipped with a good heat dissipation effect and convenient cleaning. Widening the trough, the ear delivery is smoother. The use of 100 liters of large-capacity fuel tanks effectively reduces the number of refueling. The configuration of 1.6 cubic meters of large granaries reduces the number of frequent unloading of grain in previous models and improves work efficiency.

Tractor Mounted Corn Harvester: It can also complete the work of picking, conveying, peeling, boxing, unloading grain, straw mashing and returning corn in one time, and it is small in size and flexible in operation. Compared with the innovative two-row self-propelled corn harvester, the three-row corn harvester adapts to a row spacing of 50-75 cm, can harvest three rows at a time, and can also harvest in the cutting width; the straw is treated with a central straw. The operation mode of Tianjin, the center of gravity of the whole machine is reasonable, and the straw crushing effect is good. In terms of power, the 35-horsepower domestic famous engine is used, with strong power and sufficient power reserve.

The reason for excessive damage to corn kernels

Firstly, the gap between the concave plate and the roller is too small. The entrance clearance for harvesting corn is 30 cm and the exit clearance is 11 to 19 cm. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the roller gap when harvesting corn. In addition, it should be noted that if the gaps on both sides of the barrel are inconsistent, the grain will be broken. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the concave plate is parallel to the drum.
Secondly, the drum speed is too high. The speed of harvesting corn is generally between 200 and 450 rpm, and the operator should determine the speed according to the maturity of the corn. Third, the moisture content of corn is too high. If the corn contains too much water, it can cause the ear to break and break.

Hexie Machinery is the professional tractor mounted corn harvester manufacturer, new mode farm harvesting machine small corn harvester for sale, welcome to consult the price.

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