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Precautions for tractor use

1. Before using the tractor, you must read the instruction manual carefully, be familiar with the tractor’s structural principles and safe operating procedures, and run in and maintain it in accordance with the instructions.
2. Under no circumstances should the unfiltered fuel be injected into the fuel tank to avoid early wear and blockage of the injector needle valve.

3. The front axle, transmission shaft assembly, and other relevant parts must be filled with grease (butter) at the prescribed time.

4. Hyperbolic gear oil must be added to the front and rear drive axle housings and the oil should be changed regularly as required.

5. In order to ensure the reasonable use of the tire and prolong its life, special attention should be paid to maintaining the tire pressure.

6. It is strictly forbidden to perform maintenance or adjustment on the vehicle or engine during work.

7. When the carriage is in the dump state, it is strictly forbidden to overhaul the vehicle under the carriage before the carriage is not protected.

8. Tractors must follow the laws and regulations of road traffic safety when driving on the road. It is strictly forbidden to make sharp turns at high speeds, drive downhill or at high speed, or go down in neutral.

Specification of 180HP Tractor

Model Part number: WNH 1804
Tractor made year: Dec 2019
Vin number(The chassis number of the tractor): WNH18044633
Engine model: LR6M3LR22/1324
Machinery environmental protection code: OEH211848K3044633
180hp tractor with Cab and AC
Producer: China Luoyang Wannianhong Tractor Co., Ltd
Brand: Wannianhong
HS Code:8701100000

Type:4-wheel drive(4WD)
Using: Farm work, transportation
Wheelbase or strap grounding length:2500mm
Track (front/rear) or gauge:1620/1620mm
Min.Ground Clearance:450mm
Standard weight (front/rear):220/160kg
Maximum weight (front/rear):260/160kg
Number of gears (forward/reverse/crawling):16/8/0
Standard power:>132.4kw
Number of gears (main shift / auxiliary shift / other):4/(2+1)/2

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