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The 3 point tractor mounted potato harvester is a straw crushing and returning machine specially designed for potato seedlings. Using the newly designed special file, the seedlings that fall on the bottom of the ditch can be absorbed and crushed, and the seedlings of the ridges and the furrows can be cleaned at one time without harming the potatoes. It has been verified by experiments that the working efficiency of this model can top 40 labors. Aike is a 3 point tractor mounted potato harvester manufacture. All the equipment we produce is factory direct sales. Now Aike agriculture equipment 3 point tractor mounted potato harvester for sale. Welcome everyone to visit and purchase.

Introduction of Tractor Mounted Potato Harvester

A single row tractor mounted potato harvester is a new type of potato harvesting machine. The equipment can be well adapted to the areas required for potato agronomy and growth characteristics in China. After removing the yam, it can realize the functions of excavation, soil removal, laying, and other functions. The whole operation process is smooth, and the single ridge single row can be harvested, and the single ridge and double rows can be harvested at the same time, and the operation efficiency is high and the utility is strong. This machine is used for high harvesting efficiency and low loss rate of potato, which can greatly reduce labor and reduce harvesting operation cost. The use of this machine will further advance the mechanization of agricultural economic crops. Now farming machine potato digger cropper mounted agriculture tractor.

The machine is hung behind the walking tractor, and the sprocket and chain installed on the right end of the input shaft of the hand-held tractor transmission are transmitted to the transmission shaft of the machine. The eccentric block and the connecting rod on the main transmission shaft drive the excavating shovel to reciprocate back and forth. The left end gear of the transmission shaft drives the shifting gear on the axle shaft, and changes the transmission direction, and then drives the main drive shaft of the chain to be separated by the chain, and the eccentric block at both ends of the main drive shaft drives the vibrating screen to shake up and down. Under the traction of the walking tractor, the potatoes excavated by the digging shovel are placed on the separate chain, and under the rotation of the separation chain, the soil falls under the separation chain, the potato (garlic, sweet potato, etc.) and the unfallen soil. The block is placed on the vibrating screen above the separation chain and is again cleaned and separated and placed on the ground behind the machine. The tractor mounted potato harvester price is also relatively cheap in the market. You are welcome to come to us.

Scope of application of potato harvester

The single row tractor mounted potato harvester is mainly suitable for potato harvesting from ridge planting. The soil type is medium loam and sandy loam soil, and the soil moisture content is 10-20%. Beyond the above range, product performance may vary, thus affecting the use of the product and even damaging the device.

Advantage of tractor Mounted Potato Harvester

1. The supporting power is the four-wheeled agricultural 22 1 29 4kw horsepower tractor which is widely used nowadays. It has the characteristics of wide adaptability, strong investment, less safety, and easy operation.
2. The design of the excavation device eight soil angle and the lifting angle of the conveying separation device is designed to greatly reduce the soil accumulation problem after the shovel and the leakage rate is low.
3. The operation transmission is smooth and the resistance is low.
4. High harvesting efficiency, low damage rate, harvested potatoes, peeled light.
5. The machine can directly turn the remaining agricultural film in the soil to the ground to facilitate cleaning. Conducive to the next season’s crop growth.
6. Agriculture equipment 3 point tractor mounted potato harvester for sale, in addition to the harvester, we also provide planting machines, picking machines, and other equipment.

Features OF potato digger

One: the soil is fast, does not lose fruit, does not peel, the auxiliary is neat, the rate of sweet potato is high
Second: the residual film is recycled, and the potato can be excavated efficiently and quickly.
Three: Harvesting knives on both sides, with hoe harvesting, no squeezing, no soil blocking, smooth work
Four: The conveyor chain is specially designed for durability
Five: The frame structure is light, durable and easy to install.
Six: The overall design is based on the mechanics principle, after repeated experiments for a long time, the adjustment is strong, the adaptability is wide, the work efficiency is high, the demand power is low, the benefit is high, the recovery is fast, and the soil is adapted to various colors.
Seven: a multi-purpose machine, can harvest potatoes, sweet potatoes, peanuts, garlic, onions, taro and so on.
Eight: Farming machine potato digger cropper mounted agriculture tractor.
The potato harvester equipment produced by the 3 point Tractor mounted potato harvester manufacturer Aike Machinery and sells it at 100% of the factory price. There is no middleman to earn the difference. Welcome everyone to come and buy. Of course, you can also log in to our official website and ask our customer service staff about some problems with the tractor mounted potato harvester price. They will give you detailed answers.

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